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Activity & Achievements in First Aid Training

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Moldova Red Cross gained experience in first aid education after collaboration with and coordination from other European National Societies.

At the end of 2005, Moldova Red Cross started the TACIS Project, with the financial support of European Union and in collaboration with French Red Cross. One of the project's components was first aid and psycho-social support. The project covered several Red Cross branches and was aimed to prepare first aid trainers. Ministry of Health and National Centre of Emergency Medicine, two main partners of Moldova Red Cross, also participated in this project.

The participants in first aid trainings receive certificates recognized and approved by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova and National Centre of Emergency Medicine. Since August, 2011, these certificates are recognized also in the European Union zone, as Moldova Red Cross received the European First Aid Certificate, and our basic training and first aid trainers were evaluated and approved by the First Aid Education European Network.

With the technical support of French Red Cross were translated, adapted and printed the manuals "Gestures that save" and "Psycho-social support" (informative material for the volunteers providing psycho-social support for people suffering an emotional distress or affected by disasters). The manuals are available in two languages – in Romanian and Russian, in order to be accessible for the Romanian and Russian speaking population. The subjects and the content of the first aid guide are approved by the National Centre of Emergency Medicine through an official review.

A donation to Moldova Red Cross consisting in manikins, make-up kits for simulations and other necessary teaching materials was made by French Red Cross. These materials were distributed to the branches involved in the project, where the volunteers prepared by French Red Cross train the population in first aid.

In the period of April – May 2010, with the support of Estonian Red Cross, there was organized a 40 hours-training for first aid trainers. The information and practices in first aid education addressed in the framework of this training were offered with generosity by the trainers from Estonian Red Cross according to the requirements of the First Aid Education European Network and the European First Aid Certificate.

After the final evaluation, participants received certificates of first aid teachers, offered by Estonian Red Cross. Certificates have an availability of 3 years, after which trainers should follow an updating and refreshment programme.

At the beginning of 2011, the Basic First Aid Manual "Gestures that save" and the curriculum of the training were revised and adapted to the current requirements and international standards in this field.

Training the population in first aid is one of the core activities of Moldova Red Cross branches. For more information and to register for trainings, contact the Red Cross branch in the town/ district where you live/ study.

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