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Tracing Service

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Tracing service is a compartment of the Moldova Red Cross activity and, at the same time, a unique service in the international network of similar services within the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

The service operates under the Geneva Conventions of 1949, their Additional Protocols, Resolutions of the International Conferences of the Movement, and respects the protection of personal data under the national legislation.

Over the years, starting with its formation in 1991, the tracing service of Moldova Red Cross helps to restore and maintain the links between family members who were separated due to the international armed conflicts, internal disturbances, and natural disasters or due to other humanitarian or social situations.

Every year, about 200 applications are examined, most of them related to the period of the II World War and the illegal immigration of Moldovan citizens abroad.

Priority activities:

  • Tracing of the close relatives who have lost the contact with their family members, because of armed conflicts, natural disasters, political unrest or other humanitarian situations;
  • Red Cross messaging, where the communication was interrupted;
  • Tracing of the graves of those who died during wartime on the frontline;
  • Assistance in obtaining documents that confirm the status of prisoners, deported, detained of the fascist camps, ghettos, forced labor in Germany, etc.;

Red Cross does not perform researches:

  • related to the study of the family tree;
  • in cases of family or legal disputes (lawsuits, wills, adoptions, tutorship, etc.).

In order to submit a request to the Moldova Red Cross Tracing Service, citizens must complete an application and to submit it personally or by mail at the Headquarters of the Moldova Red Cross Society:

67A Gh. Asachi str., MD-2028, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
tel./ fax: 022/ 72 58 24 or 72 96 44;

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