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Reducing Violence Against Children

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Training in "10 steps to Create Safe Environments" has been conducted in 6 MDRC branches, namely: Anenii Noi, Basarabeasca, Balti, Glodeni, Telenesti and Ungheni. A total of 98 persons have been trained as trainers to provide guidance to organizations to create environments with lower incidents of violence against children and youth. Among the participants there were 59 MDRC volunteers, as well as school psychologists, representatives of school administration, youth specialists form local authorities, social workers as well as representatives of youth organizations.

During the training participants have been introduced to the core content of "10 steps" and have developed key training facilitation skills, in order to carry out "10 steps" workshops for the members of their organizations/institutions or the community and implement the "10 steps" best practices into their work.

As a result, participants became aware that organizations, institutions and communities have an important responsibility to prevent and respond to violence; They understood how to use the "10 Steps" methods to address violence; They learned techniques to facilitate workshops; They acknowledged the importance of a well-informed, trained and organized team in order to create and maintain safe environments, free from violence against children and young people. To be emphasized that, in some branches (Basarabeasca, Anenii Noi) participants have decided to work both at an organizational / institutional level as well as at a locality-wide level, by involving stakeholders as the local Department of Education, Youth and Education Specialists, police inspectors, etc.

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